We provide fine and highly artistic pastries, wedding and birthday cakes as well as scrumptious desserts, logo designs on cakes, and special designs for special ceremonies. The owner, Jinous has a master’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Paris (University de Paris VIII Vincennes a Saint Denis, 1984) she studied pastry and gained firsthand experience working in pastry shops in Paris. She is an expert cake decorator specializing in artistic cake/pastry creations with extensive experience in making cakes, pies, tarts, pastries, cookies, and a variety of desserts. She also formerly owned, operated, and managed a business for 24 years designing, making and decorating cakes and trays for weddings and parties and managed a wholesale pastry business in Boulder, Colorado for 5 years under the name of Jinous Exquisite Pastries.

Wonderful, Edible Art, so beautiful that you hesitate, just for a moment, but then, you can't resist the temptation to taste the divine concoction!

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